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Sarah has been an empathetic and warmhearted part of the home birth midwifery services movement since 2014, after having a home birth herself which changed the way she looked at the birthing experience through the industrial medical complex. After doing extensive research on the high infant mortality rate in the US she saw a correlation, proven by the CDC, that 90% of pregnant women are on pharmaceuticals. This leads to increased medical interventions and traumatic births which not only affect mother and baby but society as a whole.

Sarah began her journey to traditional Midwifery and holds many certifications, CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, Spinning Babies Shoulder Dystocia Certified, Breech, Emergency birth skills certified and certified as a community midwife soon to be IPHM certified. Sarah actively holds memberships within the Evidence-Based Birth Academy and Kelly Mom Professional Membership, and much more. Sarah Knows that in order to be of service to her community she has solid expertise in comprehensive holistic care in Loganville

It helps her keep up with the most up to date studies furthering her extensive knowledge of pre- and post-birth care learning how to give her clients the support they need physically and emotionally, without the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals. Since then, Sarah ynn has attended hundreds of births and supplied virtual and in-person support for thousands of families both in Georgia and the surrounding areas. 

A Peachy Birth’s mission is to allow women and their families to have safe home births the way God designed. At A Peachy Birth, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. Sarah approaches birth with the philosophy that the woman's body is able to birth naturally and unhindered. Sarah is able to share years of expertise with women so that they can bring the little ones into the world safely and through God’s Protection. 

It is her deep passion and calling from GOD to work together, creating the birthing experience you’ve always dreamed of. Safe, Evidence based, Christian Faith based holistic midwife services.

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